Meet the Team

We’re a team of Dots and we’re always connecting our talents together. We believe in the value of teamwork and collaboration and put it at the core of what we do.

Chris Dippell | Chief of Strategy Mostly fueled by espresso

Chris is our head digital strategist. He loves talking ideas and coming up with innovative ways to approach all things digital. You’ll find him talking to clients and making moves to help them reach their business objectives. He’s always thinking about the next big thing and can’t wait to help projects come to life, one espresso at a time. Just ask him how many espresso cups are on his desk right now.

Darko Brdjanin | Creative Director A creative mind with European flare

Darko is our Creative Director. He loves getting to the core of what our clients are trying to achieve. He always enjoys taking a deep dive into creative projects. Throughout his career, Darko’s worked with companies in Europe and North America to create visual masterpieces. He’s not afraid to push back and challenges people to think outside the box. If you ever want to have a lunch meeting, Darko is also a sushi aficionado.

Marijana | Senior Art Director Injecting fun into brands, daily

If you’re looking for someone with a strong eye for design and bringing a brand to life, then you’re looking for Marijana. As one of our Senior Art Directors, her experience in the agency world has led to award-winning designs and equally as thrilled clients. On any given day, you can find her taking a deep dive into personality-filled designs with a fresh cup of coffee.

Doug | Senior Art Director A Timmies die-hard in an office of Starbucks lovers

Doug is one of our Senior Art Directors. We rely on Doug to keep our ducks in a row and to keep the office supply of sticky notes fully stacked. If you have a project that requires extra attention to detail or has a lot of small moving parts, Doug puts his artistic eye to the job to get it done. On weekends, you can find Doug with his signature Tim Hortons coffee in hand at the hockey rink or at the kickboxing ring.

Ally | Graphic Designer Would live in Disney if she could

Ally’s a creative designer who, long ago, traded in a paintbrush for a mouse. Believing that the root of design is problem-solving, she’s been executing her creative skills in the design world for over six years, through graphic, web, and motion design, as well as video editing. She's always on the hunt for the best hamburger. Have a suggestion? She'd love to hear it! No place is too far for a good burger.

Ricky | Graphic Designer Might be playing chess on breaks

No stranger to endurance and skill tests, Ricky is equally creative as he is athletic. The Humber College Graphic Design grad pushes his creative skills daily with motion graphic, motion and and video work. When not working on art or videos, you can find him running, playing tennis or deep in a game of chess.

Nonna | Front-End Developer Likely organizing or DIY-ing

Nonna, a new addition to our development team from the GTA, loves pumpkin spice and everything nice. She is a former librarian turned front-end developer, so you know her code is always clean and organized. When she’s not in front of her computer, she is probably doing a DIY project around her house or cuddling with her two kitties.

Kiara | Digital Marketing Manager Weaving threads of creativity to craft a brand story

Kiara kickstarted her marketing journey in the fashion and personal care industry, where she learned the art of branding and crafting digital campaigns. From optimizing online campaigns to leveraging social media platforms, Kiara is adept at maximizing digital channels to achieve marketing objectives.

Off the digital stage, you can catch Kiara gliding on the ice channeling her inner figure skater, or working on her small crochet business.

Cruella Breville | The Barista Espresso Machine If she doesn’t brew it, then nobody will!

Cruella is the Office Barista Espresso Machine. She’s sleek. She’s shiny. She’s only a little bit whiny (when you turn on the milk frother). She’s a crucial team member when it comes to keeping the Dots caffeinated and smiling.