Every project starts with a dot
and ends as a masterpiece.

Whether it’s a dot on the page, a dot on the screen, or a pixel in a design, a dot is a base you build on.
Similarly, at 9dot Digital, we like to think of our approach as four distinct dots in the process that connect to the end result.

Our four stages in the approach are to learn, strategize, create and maximize. Each
stage is equally as important and never goes overlooked. In the end, all the dots come
together for the best creative deliverables possible that propel your business forward.

Stage 1: Learn

Great marketing and creative starts with a thorough understanding of you, our client, in the learning stage. In our learning stage, we have an initial meeting with you, our potential client, to discuss your needs and learn about your business. This gets the gears turning from the top level.

We want to hear everything you have in mind so we can make it a reality. You can expect the initial meeting and subsequent discussions to determine a project charter and pricing.

Stage 2: Strategize

We take what we learned in Stage 1 and build out a marketing strategy that meets (or exceeds) your needs. We look at your goals and decide on KPI’s that guide what we create. We present to you strategic options and work with you closely to turn the initial strategy and concepts into a comprehensive direction.

We then turn our strategy into key tasks that align with the project charter and work with you to refine it every step of the way. We’ll also outline the deadlines and expectations of our team and you, our client.

Stage 3: Create

With a sound understanding of your needs and a well-defined strategy, our team really digs deep into the work. After all, a great strategy is nothing without brilliant creations to make the strategy run. Here, our team of strategists, designers, developers and content creators really shine and deliver components that maximize your return on investment.

Whether we’re creating a one-off creative element, a website or a full digital campaign, we put in a high level of creativity and work into making it a successful embodiment of your business goals and we further your marketing strategy.

Stage 4: Maximize

Once we’ve tied our strategy and creations together into deliverables, we make sure to optimize and maximize its results. We monitor results and weigh them against the KPIs discussed in Stage 1 and Stage 2 and work with you to make any adjustments needed for the creative work. We want you to enjoy our work, not only for its creative elements but for how it complements your business and adds value to your investment with us.