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9dot Digital is a creative agency in Waterloo, Ontario. We’re leaders in digital strategy, design, digital development and content creation. We work with companies to create powerful branding, unique identities, digital strategies and marketing tools to achieve success.

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We start by learning everything about your company, including
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take what we learn and provide you with new ideas, strategies and
solutions tailored precisely to your needs.

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Okay, but what’s with the name? We’re glad you asked!

Nine Dots is a puzzle used by Management Consultants in the 1980s to challenge teams to think differently, unconventionally and from a new perspective. Consultants challenged their teams to connect nine dots using four lines, without their pen leaving the page.

The solution is to go beyond the nine dots and bring lines outside the frame. It’s widely believed that the Nine Dots puzzle led to the phrase “outside the box thinking”.

Our team embodies outside the box thinking in everything we do. From our designers to our developers and the content creators in between, we’re constantly thinking about how we can up the level of creativity in all aspects of our work.

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