Igniting a
New WordPress

The Client:
Bonfire Interactive Ltd.

Bonfire is a tech company that has created software to allow companies to make bidding and RFP evaluations simplified through their platforms. This allows procurement teams to develop better relationships while engaging with stakeholders and creating a sense of teamwork.

The Goal:
Rebuild to the Top

The client had a theme installed in WordPress that did not allow for easy updates or flexibility in their needs. This resulted in lost time, frustration and inconsistent user experiences across the site.

9dot Digital was approached to help rebuild the website in WordPress with the goal of creating easier-to-update pages, easy-to-update page banners and a flexible media library. Through this rebuild, we would also need to bring the website up to WCAG 2.0 Level AA standards.

The Approach:
Understanding and
Creating Custom Solutions

Through our initial discussions with the client, we developed an understanding of how often their content would need to change, their typical process of updating, and what would make the process easier for them.

The client had a clear vision of how they would like their new website to look. Their internal designs were provided to our development team so we could create a pixel-perfect version of their website with custom code. We approached the website build in the shoes of the digital marketers who would be updating the content, and the shoes of the user who would be navigating the website.

The Strategy: Customized and Easy-To-Update Content

To ensure that each section of the website would meet the client’s needs, we built out each page using custom code in the backend according to the designs provided. Within WordPress, the client would also be able to edit each section using plain text and by selecting a few options in customized modules. These modules are flexible and can be updated as time goes on should the needs of the company change.

In the website redesign we were also able to:

  • Integrate external forms and tracking on the site
  • Create a content library with tagging and categorization
  • Integrate Google Tag Manager with Analytics
  • Add in accessibility features that did not previously

The Result:
Less Time Wasted
and More Leads

The rebuild of the Bonfire website has resulted in an easier workflow when the client wants to make content updates on the site. We have given the client the resources and flexibility to create pages and headers without needing to contact a developer every time, which is great for their marketing team!

They are now able to focus more of their energy on creating campaigns to result in more leads for their sales team, and more growth for the company.