A Fresh Look
for a Supermarket

The Client:
Hurley’s Supermarket

The Cayman Islands is home to our client, Hurley’s— a supermarket serving the local community and tourists. The store sees hundreds of shoppers each week and offers fresh foods, global delicacies and convenient food solutions for those in a hurry.

The Goal: Take a (Big) Bite Into Branding and Website Design

The branding behind a grocery store needs to fuel its sales and create hunger from shoppers. This is especially true when it’s an independent grocery store that’s competing with other independent retailers on the same island.

The client approached our agency with these goals in mind:

  • A refreshed logo and brand
  • A new website
  • A digital brand awareness campaign

The Approach: Branding to Increase the User’s Hunger

Our team designers worked to redevelop the existing Hurley’s logo and slogan, “get fresh with us”, into a cleaner, consistent look across the brand. The signature orange remained the inspiration and was the basis for the brand colours and graphic design treatments.

The logo and colour palette also influenced the website design. In a drastic change from the client’s previous site, the new website became a mouthwatering delight of graphic design and easy navigation to showcase departments and services.

The Strategy: Turn Hunger Into Clicks and Intrigue

Unlike their competition, Hurley’s offers customers the opportunity to shop for their groceries online, with the option of delivery or pick up. This feature did not exist on the previous site, so we were keen to bring it to the forefront of the new design.

The focus on user experience carries through the development, design and functionality of the website. Users can search for foods using the search bar, check their shopping cart, reorder past favourites and place new orders.

To complement the new site and drive brand awareness, our strategists also cooked up a plan to add flavour and spice to a PPC ad campaign on Google’s Display and Search networks. The campaign drew similar graphical treatments from the website to promote the brand, its key food offerings, and its rewards program.

The Result: A Nourished
Brand and Website

Between the refreshed logo and the new website, the online sales at Hurley’s supermarket increased and more orders were coming in than ever before. We attribute this to better navigation and architecture for the user.

In four short months on a conservative budget, we were also able to prove the worth of digital brand awareness campaigns to the client. In that time we:

  • Had 41, 000 impressions
  • Had over 5000 clicks to the website
  • Had a CTR of 14% on ads

Considering the Cayman Islands is a rather small island, this was a big success!