The Client: Torlys

TORLYS Smart Floors is a leading flooring product and technology company based in North America, serving both Canadian and American Markets.

The Goal: Make a Statement at The International Surfaces Event

TORLYS has been a recurring vendor at The International Surfaces Event for several years. In 2019 they wanted to introduce their innovative new collections, UltraFloors and Everest hardwood with the Twist herringbone pattern.

To highlight the new products with innovation, 9dot Digital designers and content writers needed to create impactful tradeshow signage to make TORLYS stand out amongst other vendors.

The Approach: The Theme of Innovation

Our concept and approach to the tradeshow signage were to demonstrate how customers can “reimagine” flooring with TORLYS’ innovative designs and technology. The reimagine theme would be throughout the signage and highlight the innovations of all their flooring collections.

The Strategy: Eye-Catching Designs
With Intent

We really reimagined the saying “Go big or go home” with our strategy of “Go big or go bold” with the signage. Nothing says bold like oversized banners, neon colours and strong fonts, which were common design elements used across the showroom.

These visuals paired with condensed copywriting that overviews the products, made for a fun, immersible experience for potential buyers and consumers.

Some of the notable designs were:

  • The logo for the year’s theme, “Reimagine Flooring”
  • A graphic timeline featuring highlights of the company’s innovations
  • Floor signage with flooring characteristics like fireproof, waterproof, etc.
  • The characteristics integrated with the new flooring collections

The Result: Reimagined Visuals and Steady Foot Traffic

The feedback from The International Surfaces Event was extremely positive and there was a steady flow of buyers coming into the booth. In a sea of other flooring dealers, TORLYS had an unmistakable theme and distinct look that stood out amongst others because of its originality and striking design.