The Client: TORLYS Smart Floors

TORLYS Smart Floors is a leading flooring product and technology company based in North America, serving both Canadian and American Markets.

The Goal: A New Ground Launch with CorkWood

TORLYS was ready to launch a brand new flooring collection, CorkWood. This new product offering combines the beauty of hardwood, the durability of laminate, but has the comfort of cork.

CorkWood flooring, a lesser-known flooring product, has plenty of unique selling features. Our goal: highlight the selling features of CorkWood and drive awareness in a way that the consumer will remember.

The Approach: Telling the CorkWood Story

When 9dot Digital content strategists spoke to the TORLYS team, we heard a lot of emphasis on the target audience of homeowners. Their concern is that most homeowners are shopping for traditional flooring, like laminate or hardwood, and might not understand the benefits of CorkWood.

Getting through to buyer would take convincing and believability in the performance of the product. So, what better way to tell the product story and make the idea a reality for the audience?

In a digital world, this story could be told in a multitude of formats including video, digital ads, social media and a dedicated microsite. This solution would reach the audience of residential homeowners in the most cost-efficient and effective way possible, steering away from traditional print advertising.

The Strategy: A Muti-Faceted Digital Advertising Campaign

Telling the CorkWood story was a multi-faceted strategy that was carried in a six-month digital advertising campaign.

The main highlight of this strategy was the series of video ads used on Facebook and Youtube. We created a series of five video ads, under a minute in length, to show the capabilities of CorkWood flooring to consumers. To support the CorkWood videos, we also created ads on the Google Display Network and Facebook Network to direct potential customers to landing pages on a microsite.

There was one more key element to the advertising strategy…an interactive quiz using Facebook, a platform the client already uses. The “Pays To Know” quiz was created using Facebook’s chat functionality to house an interactive quiz on CorkWood, increasing engagement and product awareness.

The Result: Increased Flooring Sales

The CorkWood digital advertising campaign garnered significant attention from audiences across North America, promoting the product and bringing awareness to its benefits. Some of the notable results?

An increase in CorkWood Flooring
sales in the quarter

views of
video ads
on Facebook

views video ads on the Google Display Network