Rebranding A

Rebranding A Non-Profit Organization

Willowbridge Community Services, formerly known as the Family Counselling Centre of Brant, is a not-for-profit organization focused on developmental services, counselling and financial services.

The Goal: Turning a New Leaf with a New Look

Transitioning a brand to a new name is a delicate process, especially when various stakeholders are involved.

Nine Dot was approached by the Family Counselling Centre of Brant to help rebrand to their new name and identity, Willowbridge Community Services, as decided previously by their board of directors.

Willowbridge Community Services required a new look, including a logo and new brand colours, which would influence the organization moving forward. The rebranding process also includes the development of a website (link out to our case study on Willowbridge Website Development).

The Approach: Capture Essence and Audience

Dealing with a counselling centre means being extremely sensitive to the variety of people using the services they offer. The new logo and branding would need to reflect the organization’s inclusivity to helping people from all walks of life.

We would approach the logo and the branding in direct correlation to the reason they named their organization Willowbridge. The inspiration behind the name is the Willow tree. This tree, in particular, represents growth and resilience. The bridge part of the name speaks to the symbolism of connectedness from one place to another.

Our Strategy:
Colour Theory and
Making Connections

To ensure we were working in the right direction, we also spoke with Willowbridge at great lengths about their mission, vision and values to develop a deep understanding of what matters to the organization.

We played to the ideas of growth and resilience by creating the main logo that incorporates the Willow tree while choosing strong typography in bold colours to show the strength. This logo would be supplemented with a new colour palette of greens, blues and purples. Going back to the roots of colour theory, these colours are representative of growth, stability and loyalty.

The new logo and colour palette gives Willowbrige a new brand that will carry them forward without the risk of being non-inclusive or outdated.

The Result:

We have produced a suite of brand elements and a branding guide for the client including:

  • New logo design
  • New colour palette
  • New business cards and email signatures
  • New stationery and letterheads
  • New annual report designs
  • New strategic plan designs

Overall, these branding elements speak to the essence of the organization and its new identity. These elements are visible across the newly developed Willowbridge website (link to case study) and in their internal communications materials.

After their 2020 Annual General Meeting, Willowbridge was pleased to report incredible positive feedback from stakeholders and members of their team in regards to the rebranding.