Connecting Event
Attendees With
a Digital App

The Client: Wolseley Canada

Wolseley Canada is Canada’s largest distributor of HVAC, waterworks, plumbing and industrial products with more than $6 billion in annual revenue.

The Goal: An All-Inclusive
Event App

Wolseley originally came to us asking for graphics for print materials they could use during two major destination events for their top customers and vendors. That’s when we thought,

“Hey, why print when you can go digital?”

That’s what led us to trailblazing a new way for Wolseley Canada Inc. to communicate and host their events. Our vision was to create a mobile app to help attendees and Wolseley Canada easily communicate information before, during and post-events.

Our development and content marketing gears turned, and out of it, came the Wolseley Events 2020 App.

The Approach: Design for the User’s Needs

No one wants to carry around more than they need to, especially on a trip. That’s why the app was a convenient solution for the end-user, but also, cost-effective for the client to create communications emails and updates.

The Strategy: Build Resources for the User

The user experience was our main focus on the app (and subsequent desktop version). We designed the app in a way that attendees could easily sign up and get the information relevant to their needs including:

  • Schedules with the event’s activities and meetings
  • Interactive maps
  • Vendor information for networking
  • Attendee Information for networking
  • Speaker information for networking
  • Booking guides and additional links

We also ensured that communication was a priority. We enabled shared discussion boards, question and answer spaces and direct one-on-one direct messaging capabilities for networking and making those personal connections.

The Result: Bringing People
Together With Innovation

If we could describe the App is described by one word, it’s innovative and efficient.

It’s the transition between having an event that’s not memorable, and an event that gets people talking — quite literally. There are over 500 discussions logged with plenty more direct messages. The Wolseley team was easily able to use the app to broadcast information quickly and have it reach everyone.

The connections created from the app are invaluable to Wolseley Canada’s team and the convenience of the app saved on additional costs of using entirely traditional print materials.