Dropping Deals, Increasing Customer Sales

The Client: Wolseley Express

Wolseley Express is part of Wolseley, Canada’s largest distributor of HVAC, waterworks, plumbing and industrial products with more than $6 billion in annual revenue.

The Goal: Reach Customers and Make Sales

Wolseley Express came to 9dot Digital with the goal of reaching more customers and making more sales of plumbing and HVAC products through their online retail tool and physical store locations. The customer had the idea to introduce sale prices on a selection of items every two weeks but needed a marketing content strategy and marketing materials designed to carry the campaign.

The Approach: Tackle Traditional and Digital Markets

To reach more customers and make more sales, we went for a wide-scale approach. We decided to take a digital and a print approach to the project to meet customers where they are: their businesses or workplaces during work hours, and on their digital devices at other times of the day.

We branded this as Wolseley Deal Drop, where every two weeks, Wolseley customers are offered low prices on products from various brands.

The Strategy: Design For Reach and Frequency

On the traditional market, our strategy was to design a Deal Drop direct mail piece that would be delivered to a select customer list, introducing the product deals, available in retail stores and online. Each piece would also have a link to the online store.

On the digital side, we designed Deal Drop Facebook ads targeted to a select customer list, with rotating carousel items. These are complemented by organic Facebook posts on the company’s Facebook page to reach followers as they scroll through their feeds. We also created in-store digital signage with the product deals.

This dual approach to the campaign ensures to reach customers and create frequency needed to remind people to purchase the products while they’re on promotion for a limited time.

The Result: Dropping Deals and Increasing Sales

While we’re been dropping deals through the campaign, we have been able to increase sales. The most notable ROI is the online sales that are directly attributed to the digital ads run through the Facebook network. We have been able to narrow down what products sell the most, what ad pairings are most successful, and have proven that digital ads give a positive ROI with minimal budget needed.

The success of the Deal Drop campaign has allowed this campaign to extend to the future, with the addition of retargeting ads to remedy customer cart abandonment.